Compliant crypto offramps for businesses.

Fern is the safest way for businesses to accept crypto and convert crypto to fiat.

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Enterprise-grade compliance and security.

We believe web3 has the potential to solve real problems with today’s financial infrastructure. To merge the best of traditional finance and web3, we have taken compliance and security seriously from day one.

  • All Ethereum-based crypto assets are held in Safe multisig wallets, making it easy to transfer ownership at any time
  • All crypto transactions are securely signed using Fireblocks’ MPC technology
  • Fern is registered as a money services business with FinCEN and ensures that all transactions performed on the Fern platform are compliant with US BSA/AML regulations
  • We currently support US-based companies and freelancers

Sensible fees and speeds.

Most crypto offramps today aren’t built with professional use cases in mind. As lifelong founders and technologists, we wanted to build an offramp solution that we ourselves would want to use: one that was transparent, affordable, and fast.

We’ve done the heavy lifting to create exactly that.

  • Fern offers the lowest offramp rates in the market
  • To offramp stablecoins, we charge 0.10% plus gas fees
  • USD delivery times vary between 1 hour and 3 business days, depending on the offramp method you choose

Offramps are just the start.

Builders who use Fern today get access to multiple features, with more actively under development. Fern is the one-stop shop for web3 teams looking to manage their fiat and crypto securely.

  • Receive crypto and fiat from clients, partners, and investors using secure payment links
  • Create unlimited, truly independent crypto wallets for business transactions
  • Easily manage on- and off-chain business contacts
  • Simplify monthly close with unified transaction reports across fiat and crypto
  • More features under development
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Fern is backed by the best of web3.